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Reaching a Generation Before They Need to be Rescued

About J12

The J12 Story

The J12 story began with one very important story. In fact, it is the only story about Jesus in the bible between birth and 30 years old. That one story takes place when Jesus was 12, and contains a template for a generation to follow. Gregg and Jessica Johnson founded the non profit organization in 2002 with their motto proclaiming that J12 will “reach a generation before they need to be rescued.”

They began traveling around the U.S presenting Jesus at 12 through events for the local church. As the movement spread, people everywhere were catching a passion to reach 8-12 year olds. They moved their base to Anaheim, California in 2005 where the very first J12 Local Church model was established at The Rock. 

J12 at The Rock became a proven model for preteen ministry in a local church environment, and since then J12 has established preteen local church ministries all over the globe. Every year the ministry of J12 produces new resources, curriculum, and tools for parents, teachers, and preteens. The staff at the International office of J12 continue to travel, producing events, sharing at conferences, and aiding churches in starting preteen ministries as they fulfill their mission to “reach a generation before they need to be rescued”.

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