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Reaching a Generation Before They Need to be Rescued


Hosting The J12 Encounter

J12 Encounters tour all 12 months of the year and are proving to be a launching pad for a dynamic and ongoing local church preteen and family specific ministry.


Email info@j12.com and write BOOKING in the subject line. We will get in touch with you right away to get your event on the calendar or answer any questions you may have.

The J12 Encounter is very low demand on a church for the high impact it brings. It requires very little setup and strain, but provides a dynamic result. This is not an event for you if you are looking to tax your volunteers with heavy lifting and long hours. It hardly even requires a lot of advertising. Promotion for the evening event will happen naturally through the Sunday morning service.

One of the major concerns and elephants in the room for many churches is budget. Traveling and Expenses can be met through offerings and/or honorariums. There is not a set honorarium to bring Gregg or Stephen out to your event. There is also no minimum attendance required. The heart of J12 is to REACH before RESCUE. Please communicate with us openly and honestly about a budget that fits comfortably with your church.  

Here are some details to answer some of your initial questions.
  • The J12 Encounter with Gregg Johnson

The event typically involves Gregg Johnson speaking throughout the weekend at the host church. This may include or be limited to, if desired, staff and leadership training, youth events, and Sunday services. Gregg is a dynamic and inspirational communicator to all ages and is available the entire weekend for ministry.

  • The J12 Weekday Tour

Gregg will come out for a weekday night which typically takes place on Wednesdays and involves the whole church family. Church’s utilize this event in various ways. Whether this is to conduct a full blown Encounter, give your volunteer staff a break from their classes, bring momentum to your kid’s ministry, or to add some excitement to your V.B.S, churches agree that the Weekday Tour is a blast. This event is negotiable depending upon schedules and availability. 


A typical weekend schedule may look like this:

4:00pm       Training/Leadership/Workshop (if desired)
7:00             Dinner

10:00am      Service (s) Gregg speaks to the congregation
1:00pm        Lunch
4:00             J12 Encounter Set-up and Rehearsal
5:30             Doors Open
6:00             Encounter Begins
7:45             Encounter Ends