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Reaching a Generation Before They Need to be Rescued


Resources, Links, and more for those who

The narrative of Jesus at 12 begins with “His parents” and ends with “He was subject to them.”  The J12 culture encourages and requires a responsibility to and from the family God has given each student. Church plays a major role in the life of a student. However, one influence can never be replaced in a preteens formidable life - the parent!

J12's mission statement emphasizes three relational elements we are committed to supporting, resourcing, and standing behind. 
Number 1 & 2 are Preteens and Parents!

Hopefully, you will find some useful tools in this section that help you raise your preteens to be like Jesus at 12!

Click here for links to websites that may aid you as a tween parent.

Stay tuned for new articles addressing issues like...

    • internet safety
    • technology restrictions
    • journaling with your kids
    • What's a family dinner?
    • The Talk
    • Cleaning and Chores
    • Devotions as a Family
    • The impact of dating your kids
    • How much do you know about your preteens world - the parent IQ test
    • and much more!