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Reaching a Generation Before They Need to be Rescued


Preteen Ministry

The Target

Never before have preteens had such a place of influence as they do in 2012. Preteens are defined by demographic studies as those children between the ages of around 8 and 12 years old. It has been proven that this age demographic spends more money than any other age segment in the world.

Because of the influence they have on their parents, every major market targets the preteen (the tween) as their #1 consumer.

Music, movies, retail, television, fashion, and even travel focus their advertising efforts on a generation of preteens across the globe.


The Need

It has been proven that most children make their major decisions about faith and values before the age of 13. If foundational principles are not instilled at a young age, it will be very hard for our kids to live them out later on in life.

J12 believes that perhaps the reason Jesus included a biographical story about himself in the Bible between birth and 30 years old was because He knew we would need a plan in 2012 to raise a generation that otherwise might be lost without it. Thus the greatest preteen role model the world has ever known gives parents, leaders, and the local church a template to reach a generation before they ever need to be rescued!

J12 has made it their mission to find creative and lasting techniques that will engage this demographic completely based on His story of Jesus at 12.

We post tween trends and preteen demographic studies regularly on one of staff Tumblr blogs called Give God 12.

You may also find stats posted often on our website blog.