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Reaching a Generation Before They Need to be Rescued

Tax Deductible


J12 is a 501(c)3  - A United States tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation or association under the heading of Movement Makers International.

All giving is tax deductible and J12 will provide you with a contribution receipt at the end of the year for your records.

If you have any questions, call our offices for more information.

Thank you for your giving to help us reach a generation before they need to be rescued.

Will I receive a contribution statement? 
If you give by credit card or e-check a monthly giving receipt is sent to the email address on file. 
If you give over $250 during the year by cash or check, we will mail your year-end giving statement directly to your address.  

If you give less than $250 and would like a statement, please call the office at 714-253-3274.