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Reaching a Generation Before They Need to be Rescued

We Live To Give Too

Charities J12 Partners With

A portion of every dollar we are given, we give to ministries that are close to our hearts.
We understand the principle of sowing, and we know that we can never out-give God's blessing on us.

Here are the ministries that we currently sow into every month.

Salaam Ministries:
Equipping and releasing believers to make disciples as Jesus would, among Muslims wherever they live.

Leslie Keegal, Sri Lanka:
Providing relief to the poor, orphans, widows, the sick and distressed around the world by showing God's love in action through compassion.

Home of Hope:
Helping hundreds of children and orphans on a monthly sponsorship program, sending many children to school, feeding children, helping widows and women with microloans to start small businesses, and much more.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries:
Specializing in reaching out with uncompromised Bible teaching focused on faith, love, healing, prosperity and restoration.