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GODWORDART Coloring Book

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The GODWORDART Coloring book is Gregg Johnson's first attempt at inviting you into a colorful journey into the Word of God. The Bible has been a colorful and fun adventure for Gregg since he was 14 years old and now he is inviting you to join him in a fun new way. It is time we color our world in the Word of God. It is time to sit down at the table together as a family and see the colorful life that flows from the pages of the Bible. This coloring book is completely hand drawn by Pastor Gregg Johnson from his heart to the page.


This coloring book stretches devotional thoughts on 4 different Bible passages across 48 pages front and back. The left hand side of each spread is a devotional thought for you to journal and color on as you dig into a section of a verse.


The right side of each spread is a word art page for you to doodle upon as you meditate on the section of the verse and the thought behind it. Think of it as an adventure with the  Holy Spirit, coloring the word into your spirit.


When it is all said and done you will have memorized and meditated upon 4 key verses from the bible and brought them to fun and colorful life in the depths of your spirit. Doodle in color individually or as a family together.


     This is not only a coloring book, but an interactive and colorful journey. We have begun archiving Facebook live video blog posts onto the GODWORDART section of our website. You can access this through the link below.