According to the US Census Bureau, roughly one third of children now grow up without a father in the home. If you type into Google "effects of fatherlessness," you can quickly see there are some major challenges our world is facing.
     How about a practical way to be about the Father's business? One way is to be a father or mentor to a child who doesn't have a dad at home. It seems we are at a critical stage with fatherlessness. God is looking for those who are available, those willing to be about His business, those who are willing to be a father to the fatherless.
     We all must be about the Father's business. The "things we remember" are the "people who took the time" to be there and create positive memories in our formative years.


     Pastor Caleb Ingram spending time with 10 year old Alex. Caleb previously served as the J12 Administrator, is currently on our board, and is Pastor of Sangamon Valley Foursquare Church in Mahomet, Illinois.