J12 Starter Book


J12 Starter Book

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     This resource will help you jumpstart an effective and fruitful “tween specific” ministry in your local church and lay out elements needed to begin a preteen ministry, small group, or discipleship program at your church or new home planted group. This J12 Starter Book gives you an inside look at how to approach the 8-12 year old demographic. The book will help a leader get their mind around the structure and culture needed to establish a preteen ministry or group.

     For a preteen ministry to succeed, you must begin with the spirit of the most famous 12 year old who ever lived - Jesus. Thankfully, Jesus gave us just the template through His 12 year old confession found in Luke 2, "I must be about My Father's business." If a preteen specific ministry is to thrive, the leaders must have the "I Must" spirit in order for the kids to catch it. J12 is about creating a culture in which preteens can thrive in the Father's business, because they realize this is what they were made for in the first place!


  • An explanation of how J12 culture is more than curriculum 
  • A description of the TAGS of J12 – The building blocks for all J12 services 
  • Testimonies from Parents & Pastors whose kids and churches have been positively changed through the message of Jesus at 12! 
  • A J12 TnT – One leaders ride into “tweendom”