L7 Leadership Program (Leader Guide)

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L7 LG 2.jpg

L7 Leadership Program (Leader Guide)


This is the Leader Guide. Each student will need their own Student Guide. Student Guides are not useful on their own. The Student Guide is a workbook to be used during the course of the program.

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     L7 is defined as living the 7 words of Jesus at 12, “I must be about My Father’s business.” (Luke 2:49 NKJV) The L7 Leadership Program is designed to cure the boredom of preteens through the message that God can and does desire to use young lives in meaningful service, while instilling confidence and boldness to step out in their unique giftings and callings.

     The L7 Leadership Program can be categorized as transformational discipleship. It is a fast-paced, intense program that will challenge your preteens to become disciples and leaders through development of life principles and application of service. L7 teaches you how to discover your true identity, how to use who you are to change the world around you, and how to partner with others for greater impact. Your preteens will learn a variety of leadership traits while fasting from media and developing devotional habits. Fast from the secular world and replace the time diving into the heart of God in His word, in prayer, in worship, and in service.

     This 4 week intensive includes lesson plans, coach’s playbook, worksheets, schedules, resource CD,  video overviews, and even a plan for a Graduation Ceremony. We typically see churches and groups use this leadership program annually to develop the older kids in their tween program. These older tweens then take on leadership responsibilities within their church or organization's culture.

Overview of Content

  • sharing and owning your faith
  • looking people in the eye and delivering a firm handshake
  • becoming aware of the needs around them 
  • making guests feel welcome at church
  • speaking in front of a group
  • praying for their friends
  • and much more...

L7 is a tried and true strategy in hundreds of churches and surely is guaranteed to make your preteen student leadership program a success!