Vintage Gregg Johnson Volume 1


Vintage Gregg Johnson Volume 1

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     This is a grouping of three messages from the archives of Gregg Johnson. Gregg Johnson early in his life was called to influence the youth of nations. In these three dynamic messages, the influence is evident. Yes, this is vintage. This is from over 15 years ago, but it's relevance is as relevant as ever.

Three Messages

Becoming the Voice of the Lord

John the Baptist called himself a "voice of one crying in the wilderness." His impact was astounding! What can we learn from his life that will help us to become the voice of the Lord to our generation?

I Have a Dream

Joseph started his life as a dreamer and ended up becoming a ruler. In this message, Gregg explains what was required of Joseph to make it from the dream phase to the ruler phase of his life.

Jesus Came to Die

This straight forward message is a great evangelistic tool to listen to and then share with friends who need Christ.