Vintage Gregg Johnson Volume 4


Vintage Gregg Johnson Volume 4

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     This is a grouping of three messages from the archives of Gregg Johnson. Gregg Johnson early in his life was called to influence the youth of nations. In these three dynamic messages, the influence is evident. Yes, this is vintage. This is from over 15 years ago, but it's relevance is as relevant as ever.

Three Messages

Five Days in Every Believer's Life

The Apostle Peter experienced five pivotal days in his life that shaped his future for all eternity. Discover how these same five days can affect your life and development as a believer in Christ.

The Five Tests of God

As our relationship with the Lord grows, He tests us in order to shape us into His likeness. With each passing test, we are graduated to deeper levels of authority and intimacy with our Creator. Discover the five tests each one of us must pass.

The Waiting Room

Out of Psalms 40, King David shares with us three qualities of a "waiting room Christian" which produce these distinct responses from God and ultimately have impact on many.