This year we are offering you a new 2 part video Christmas series with Pastor Gregg for free. Use it as a leader with your J12ers at your local church, use it with your family in your home, or even watch and experience it as a devotion on your own. The point is to have fun and make yourself available to God this Christmas! And all the time for that matter! There are also links below each video in which you can download the content. Have yourself a very Mary Christmas!

     For "Part One" there are two QnA sessions: one halfway through the video and the other at the end. You will need to pause the video for the halfway QnA portion.     




  1. In your own words, what is the difference between a “Merry” and a “Mary” Christmas according to Pastor Gregg?
  2. Pastor Gregg said that the angel Gabriel was SENT by God to announce to Mary that she would give birth to a Son. He made a distinction between the word SENT and WENT referring to Gabriel. What did he mean when he said “don’t be a WENT”?


  1. Mary responded to the angel Gabriel’s announcement in the end with a “let it be to me”. Why is it important to say to God “let it be” instead of “how can it be”?
  2. Why do you think God delights in doing the impossible?



  1. What did you learn from the distinction Pastor Gregg made between “availability” and “ability”? Which word represents our responsibility and which word represents Gods responsibility?
  2. Pastor Gregg loves to journal in his Give God 12 journal. He challenged us to do our own doodling and scribbling so to speak and enjoy rewriting what we read from the Bible. Do you do the same? Why not begin and make it your own, customizing the letters and emphasizing those parts of God’s word that jump out at you as you spend time in the Bible!
  3. Can you explain in your own words what you think Gregg meant when he said, “ If you say yes to Jesus you’ll have to be willing to be stretched just like Mary. Mary, of course was physically stretched by giving birth to Jesus and we will be spiritually stretched when we say yes to Jesus.
  4. Optional Question: Did you hear an iPhone ring during the video? Obviously it wasn’t on silent mode!!….next time!

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