BBC for Tweens Student Guide


BBC for Tweens Student Guide


The Student Guide is a workbook and can be used on its own. It can also be used with the Leader Guide. The Leader Guide turns BBC for Tweens into a 13 lesson scope and sequence course. Each student will need their Student Guide.

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     This book has one goal in mind - developing a tweens' passion to become more like Jesus through the reading of God's Word. Gregg Johnson crafted this dynamic resource based upon his first book, focused to teens and young adults, The BBC Manual. However, BBC for Tweens is crafted specifically to who the title suggests - tweens (6-12 year olds).

     This age group is extremely critical because it is at this age that the human spirit starts longing for more, for destiny, and for purpose. J12 is all about reaching a generation before they need to be rescued and this book is perhaps the most critical of all our resources to reach before there is even a need to rescue.

     This book can be used on a personal level, by a tween in the home, or by a family, church, or school with the Leader Guide. Together, the Student and Leader Guides create a powerful combination, to team up as a family or even a church, to nurture a passion for the Word of God in this crucial age group.


The Bible

  • The Greatest Book of All Time

Give God 12

  • Learning to Spend Time With God


  • Learning to Read & Rewrite


  • Learning to Memorize & Meditate

I Must

  • Learning to Apply the 7 Words

This Student Guide works in conjunction with

Each Student Guide also comes with the Word on the Wall Poster