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The BBC Manual

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     No other book has influenced the world like the Bible. It is time all of us know how to study it by digging. BBC, unlike many books about the Bible, is a manual - a workbook - encouraging you to mess up your Bible so you don't mess up your life. It is the perfect tool to turn your Bedroom into a Bible College. It is written in such a way that teenagers through adults can develop a passion for the Word of God and have fun digging.

     The BBC Manual is a tool for everybody, a tool to help everyone dig into the Word. It is common for us to hear from people who started using the manual at a young age and still continue to return to it when they need fresh insight, background, and most importantly, a practical reminder of what they are trying to accomplish when reading the Word of God, which is to read the Word of God with self-exposure in mind. As you read the Word of God, let the Word of God read you.

     This book will show you how to do a Book Study, Chapter Study, Verse Study, Word Study, Character Study, and a Topical Study.



  • The Bible, What a Book
  • The Bible, God's Love Letter to Man
  • The Bible, A Library Between the Covers

Feed - Learning to Observe

  • How to read the Bible Devotionally
  • The Devotional Challenge
  • How to Study the Bible

Heed - Learning to Meditate

  • The Meditation Challenge
  • The Double Challenge

Deed - Learning to Apply

  • The Staircase

The BBC Manual also comes with the Word on the Wall Poster