Ten DVD Curriculum


Ten DVD Curriculum

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   “Ten” is an interactive video series with Gregg Johnson, the Founder of J12 and Stephen Hibdon, the former J12 Creative Director. In this series, Gregg and Stephen walk tweens through exactly what the Ten Commandments are and why we can now consider them reduced to 2. We of course can consider them reduced to 2 because of Jesus finished work on the cross and the new life He offers to all of us. Jesus reduces the 10 to 2 in the new: Love God and Love People. Each week is broken down into an engaging introduction, video teachings, Biblical explorations, an “excite” moment inspiring tweens to act on what they learn, and an “enlist” moment inviting them to respond to what they have learned.

   The length of time that your class meets will determine how you want to break down your planning and class. Every group setting has different needs, so the curriculum is geared towards flexibility.

   It is “plug and play” meaning most of the prep has been done for you. Your prep is simply looking over the lesson plans and videos each week to be ready for the lesson, encouraging the preteens during the sessions, and interacting as a class with the screen as it will give you time to discuss topics they suggest along the way.

   The testimony of Jesus at 12 is the template of how to reach a generation before they need to be rescued. Jesus spoke 7 words at the age of twelve and our heart and passion is for tweens to live those same 7 words today. J12 is much more about creating a culture to thrive and much less about providing programming to continue their boredom. If tweens get the 7 words of Jesus in their spirit, they will not need programming to live like Jesus, but will instead live like Jesus because of their love for the Father and His business. The most important job as a J12 teacher is to nurture a culture in which tweens can get lost in love with their Father and His business.

Lesson Overview:

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: The Setup
Lesson 3: Other Gods
Lesson 4: Graven Images
Lesson 5: Name in Vain
Lesson 6: Sabbath Day
Lesson 7: Honor Parents
Lesson 8: Murder
Lesson 9: Adultery
Lesson 10: Stealing
Lesson 11: False Witness
Lesson 12: Coveting
Lesson 13: Reduced to 2 in the New