In last weeks newsletter we heard from Gregg on the bookends of Jesus' life. This week let's apply it. Your life will have significant verbal bookends when it is all said and done. What is between those bookends and where it ends is left for you to write, either with or against the Father in heaven. Take for example the life of Jesus. At 12 He declared, "I must be about My Father's business." At 33 He declared, "It is finished."

     As you move into the new year, reflect back over 2015 and the pages of your book. Regardless of what took place in the chapters of 2015, good or bad, a new chapter is beginning! May 2016 be a year in which you declare, "I Must" so that at your bookend you may say, like Jesus, "I did". Take a moment to hear a special word from Pastor Gregg Johnson by watching today's video.