If you are anything like me, your head hits the pillow at night, and suddenly a flood of thoughts pour over your mind like a never ending pot of caffeinated coffee. "Uh oh... haven't talked to my parents in a few days. Did I lock the front door? When am I going to get the car in for service?... it's been 8,000 miles... surely it will be fine... I hope"

     Maybe you have these thoughts at night when trying to go to sleep, maybe they weigh you down first thing in the morning, or maybe they slap you in the face while you are sitting at your desk at work, but if you are a human being on this planet with responsibilities, it's bound to happen.

     I've found that something amazing happens when I slow down enough to give God my real, meaningful, and genuine time - I suddenly seem to have more time. I feel my reality and obligations shrink as I become acutely aware of the presence, peace, and rest of Jesus. I suddenly cross from the culture of this world to the culture of the Kingdom. What I truly believe is happening is that God is redeeming my time.

     Gregg has said, "When we give God the time of our life, He will give us the time of our life." One of the best ways to give God your time is journaling, because it forces you to slow down. It forces you to really think and articulate what is on your heart. If God the Father saw the need and set the example for writing the "days" down, then must we take that as a clue as to how we must write our days down as well? We must.

     Through August 1st we are taking pre-orders on the third printing of our GiveGod12 Journals and are offering them at a discounted rate. Get one for yourself, one for each person in your family, one for each person in your Sunday School class. I encourage you to write every day down and leave a legacy for the next generation.


Stephen Ibach

Creative Director | J12