For the past several years we have ministered the message of Jesus at 12 to over 500 local churches through what we have called The J12 Encounter. This past weekend we ministered to the whole family unit through what we are now calling The J12 Family Weekend Encounter, keyword… “Family”. Saturday night began with a men’s only meeting, focusing on the need to be “I Must” kind of men. Sunday morning, the whole church family was challenged to scale I Must Mountain, a metaphor based upon the 7 words Jesus spoke at 12. Sunday night, with the primary focus being tweens - moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grandparents and guardians came together for a 90 minute, full energy, fast paced recap of the narrative of Jesus at 12! Check out what Lead Pastor Sam DeMarco (New Brighton Christian Assembly) had to say about the weekend! Perhaps your church could benefit from The J12 Family Weekend Encounter.