In scripture, we consistently see Jesus longing to commune with those He loved. He often was found sitting around a table with those he called his brothers and sisters. There is something about sitting together at the table that invites an atmosphere of celebration, joy, laughter, love, and communion. Jesus wants to commune with us daily and when the family gathers together, He is surely sitting in the midst, because our Father in heaven absolutely loves family. Our adoption into His family as sons and daughters is the greatest proof of this. 

   It is our desire to see families reclaim the table as the gathering space rather than their computers, phones, and televisions in separate rooms. We long to see the family come together in shared experiences daily. This is exactly what is at the heart of our new RnR Moments and MnM 120. We desire families to experience it together. Oh, by all means do it in your own secret place, but bring it back to the table and experience it together, talk about it, and commune at the table as a family with the Word of God. Take 120 seconds to watch an awesome moment from Pastor Gregg's table.

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