Susan Paskey had a tremendous experience with Grow For It when she was young. Grow For It, as we said in our newsletter last week, was the first rendition of The BBC Manual (Bedroom Bible College). Today, she and her husband Ryan, who is also the Executive Pastor at New Brighton Christian Assembly in New Brighton, Pennsylvania, are now taking their children through J12 and Bedroom Bible College today. It is amazing to see how the same tried and true message of spending time with God in His Word will impact generation to generation.

   Bedroom Bible College was so effective that we thought we needed to go even younger. So we developed BBC for Tweens, a workbook introducing 8-12 year olds to reading and rewriting and memorizing and meditating on scripture. BBC for Tweens can be used on a personal level or can be used as a 13 week scope and sequence resource when partnered with the Leader Guide. Feel free to check out both books through the links below.