J12 uses a specialized strategy based on the greatest tween role model the world has ever known, J12 gives specific structure for an 8-12 year old to discover the Father’s business for their life and how to grow in their relationship with Him. J12 is a simple yet powerful system and perfect fit for your preteen program



     There is no other story about Jesus between birth and 30, except Jesus at 12.


     Scripture says, “the boy Jesus lingered behind in Jerusalem.” (Luke 2:43) Jesus was engaged in the house of God, and so should our tweens. All J12 resources are designed and created with an 8-12 year old in mind. We understand the dynamic of being too old for Sunday school and not quite ready for youth group. We aspire to produce curriculum that is relevant and uniquely appropriate to our target demographic - preteens. Our creators are always keeping an eye on culture and their hearts on what God is speaking to preteens right now.


     Once you infuse the culture and values of J12 into your preteen plan, you are equipped to practice those values and culture with any materials you use. All J12 resources are created with freedom to customize them to your preteen environment.


     The narrative of Jesus at 12 begins with “His parents” and ends with “He was subject to them.” (Luke 2:41-52) J12 culture encourages healthy interaction between each student and the family God has placed them in.


     Jesus at 12 was, “sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them and asking them questions.” (Luke 2:46) Active involvement in the conversation of faith is a priority throughout all J12 materials. Small group discussion (Q 'n A) with leaders is part of the strategy that persuades them to own their beliefs.


     In addition to our Geo-Events (events in a certain time and place), J12 also offers a menu of social networks that help leaders with content and connection.


     When Jesus’ parents finally found Him three days later, He was in the house - His Father's house; or more specifically “the temple”. J12 culture gives students an outlet to live out their “Father’s business” in the "Father's house" through leadership and serving.