J12 understands that local church preteen ministry needs pegs (a system) to hang the structure upon.  J12 calls these elements Value Tags. They may display themselves in many different ways, but are based on timeless truths that we hope tweens have a grip on before they leave J12. When mixed with J12 curriculum, worship times, and other program elements, the Value Tags can create a very explosive, content filled gathering. The Value Tags of J12 are - RnR, MnM, TnT, PnC, QnA, I Must, and GiveGod12.



     R’nR stands for Read 'n Rewrite. This value encourages them to own their faith and comprehend what they read. Helping them begin to keep a journal is part of this value and is practiced in weekly gatherings in various ways. It is a tradition instilled and encouraged at home in their alone time with Jesus, as well.


     M’nM stands for Memorize 'n Meditate. This value is based on the fact that in Jewish tradition, memorization and meditation were non-negotiables. M’nM encourages preteens to hide God’s Word in their heart, and know when to use it in their daily lives. During M’nM, methods to memorize and benefits of meditation on the Word are rehearsed weekly in small and large group gatherings. M’nM is also encouraged to be practiced at home in their alone time with Jesus as they turn their bedrooms into Bible Colleges! 


     T’nT stands for Tests 'n Testimonies. It is also another word for dynamite! When a preteen is spending quiet time with Jesus, practicing tradition in their lifestyle, sharing their “Christ-life” with their family, and being open for the opportunity to serve others, Tests 'n Testimonies will be the explosive result! Testimonies are proof of the truth they are learning. Theology needs to become autobiography. When a student shares a story of how, where, or why God is working, it serves as evidence that Jesus is being reflected in their lifestyle.


     P’nC stands for Prayer 'n Confession. An important element in a believer’s life is prayer. Preteens are taught this basic necessity as they become like Jesus by the time they are 12. Another important element of prayer is the confession of scripture while praying. Each week corporate and personally, these aspects of prayer are infused into every lesson plan. 


     Q’nA stands for Questions 'n Answers. Jesus at 12 was, “sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them and asking them questions.” (Luke 2:46) Active involvement in the conversation of faith is a priority throughout J12 culture and materials. Small group discussion with leaders is part of the strategy that persuades them to own their beliefs. Q’nA gives students the opportunity to put two and two together, as they grow in their ability to connect belief to behavior. It is a value encouraged during church gatherings and when at home with their families around the kitchen table. 


Give God 12 represents giving God at least 12 minutes a day. This is the launching point for a preteen to become like Jesus through daily quiet time with Him. Giving God 12 minutes a day may include R’nR, M’nM, and P’nC. The GG12 movement has caught on in circles beyond the tween age because it is a system that gives students and leaders a handle on cultivating a more intimate relationship with Jesus. 


     Live 2 Give emphasizes a preteen’s responsibility to give back to the world around them. This value challenges a student’s world that is full of self centered pursuits. It reminds them that their blessings are an opportunity to bless others. Those who strive to be like Jesus at 12 Live to Give through their time, gifts, money, and acts of service. This is evidenced during gatherings through offerings, sponsoring, discussing, and letting tweens correspond with orphans, hands on social justice in-class opportunities, service projects, and missions films and videos.