This past weekend we had the privilege of ministering to the preteens and parents of Eastside Foursquare Church. All we can say is that these preteens are in good hands under the guidance of their preteen workers. Pastor Gregg Johnson brought a passionate word on the principles of Desire, Discipline, and Delight. The preteen workers of Eastside Foursquare Church then took all the kids aside to have a QnA discussion on the teaching. It went far deeper than surface level. The discussion went into real issues that kids their age face on a daily basis and how to live in the midst of it. 

   The level preteens go in life is often increased or decreased by the level of Desire, Discipline, and Delight that is modeled by the generation who teach them. Eastside Foursquare Church is modeling excellence in pursuing the heart of God. Take a minute to catch a candid moment from the weekend with the preteens in the video above. If you would like Gregg to come and minister to the families of your church, get in touch with us. Our call is to Reach a Generation Before They Need to be Rescued. We are all about building strong families of Desire, Discipline, and Delight in the things of God in 2016.