Will you actually take the time to slow down? Is there actually even a way to help you slow down? We actually believe there is and we believe it is through the activity of journaling. Most people will see the word "journal" and pass on by without a second glance of seriousness, but it may be because they have never taken the time to slow down in the first place, resulting in no knowledge of what it is like. The very act of journaling forces the issues of life to the forefront of our mind (which may be another reason we avoid it). It forces us to slow down and actually deal with what God would like us to deal with. Whether it be sin, doubt, wrong beliefs, or something else, God really is big enough to deal with these issues. Journaling God's Word forces us to see what He has said and is currently saying over our circumstances. Start by Giving God 12 minutes a day. You may be surprised how that 12 minutes turns into 20 and even 60 minutes a day. You may find that your time journaling with the Father becomes your favorite time of day. You may end up finding that you begin to structure your entire day to maximize the time you spend with Him. So journal. Journal while you have the time, because our time here on earth is too short not to.